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Significant Sigs

Adams, Kenneth S., Jr. '44 - Alpha Xi

Adams, Kenneth S., Sr. '21 - Alpha Xi

Anschutz, Philip F. '61 - Alpha Xi

Blair, James T. '23 - Xi Xi

Brandt, Raymond P. '18 - Xi Xi

Bubb, Henry A. '28 - Alpha Xi

Clark, Champ '44 - Xi Xi

Crosby, Gordon '42 - Xi Xi

Denton, Frank '22 - Alpha Xi

Grant, William D. '39 - Alpha Xi

Hershberger, James W. '53 - Alpha Xi

Keeler, William W. '30 - Alpha Xi

Leigh, Lynn L. '47 - Alpha Xi

Lonborg, A. C. (Dutch) '21 - Alpha Xi

Meredith, James H. '35 - Xi Xi

Mills, J. Stephen '51 - Alpha Xi

Nichols, Raymond F. '26 - Alpha Xi

Price, Robert '27 - Alpha Xi

Ross, Charles G. '05 - Xi Xi

Russell, Charles (Andy) '63 - Xi Xi

Sellers, R. Vernon '48 - Alpha Xi

Towers, John Alden '16 - Xi Xi

Wagner, Norman O., Jr. '33 - Xi Xi

Wagstaff, Robert W. '30 - Alpha Xi



Past KC Alumni Presidents

2009 - John Degen

1994 - Tim Haverty

1992 - Charles Lamento

1990 - Larry Glaze

1988 - Kent Wooten

1987 - Mark Hauber

1986 - Jeff Green

1985 - Kevin K. Nunnink

1984 - David C. Wysong

1983 - W. Lawrence Pfeiffer

1982 - Douglas C. Miller

1981 - John J. McFadden, Jr.

1980 - Richard W. Stilwell

1979 - Richard W. Stilwell

1978 - Carl Haas

1977 - Carl Haas

1976 - Thomas Watson

1975 - Thomas Watson

1974 - Joseph J. Neuner

1973 - Joseph J. Neuner

1972- Carles W. Keller

1971 - Larry McMullen

1970 - Leo F. Brady, Jr.

1969 - Donald D. Bates

1968 - Lawrence A. Jones, Jr.

1967 - James R. Stonner

1966 - Clifford E. Kroh, Jr.


In 1833, one year after its founding at Hamilton College, Alpha Delta Phi established its second chapter at Miami University, Oxford, OH. Displeased with Alpha Delta Phi’s control of campus leadership at Miami, another group of students banded together in 1839 to establish Beta Theta Pi, the first fraternity to be founded west of the Alleghenies. 

Phi Delta Theta, founded at Miami, owes its origins to a student prank, the famous “snow rebellion,” which started as a frolic and ended in open defiance of the college authorities. The students packed enormous quantities of snow in the entrances to the college buildings, thus preventing the faculty from entering the classrooms for two days. Expulsion of more than twenty students followed, including all the Alpha Delta Phi but one and all of the Beta Theta Pis but two. Thus both fraternities became inactive at Miami and remained so until 1852. Meantime, Phi Delta Theta was organized in December 1848, and gained a foothold before her rivals could reestablish themselves. 

Miami University is likewise the birthplace of a third general fraternity, Sigma Chi. Six men who had been members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, which had entered Miami in 1852, founded it in 1855, after it’s founding at Yale in 1844. These six students had disagreed with their chapter over the election of a representative in a college oratorical contest and walked out to start a fraternity of their own. 

Thus, Beat Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, and Sigma Chi form the “Miami Triad.”